Watch Market Price Index

An overview of secondary watch market trends.


The Bulova Archive market index is an indicator of the Bulova Archive's financial performance in the secondhand watch market. It is compromised of 15 popular Bulova Archive models with high trade activity, listed below. The index shows the average market price of these 15 watches over time.

1M -0% +3.8%
3M -0.6% -4.7%
6M -0.5% -1.8%
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Watches in Price Index

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Watch Market Average 52-Week Range AAGR
Bulova 98B320
Archive Oceanographer
$343 $339 - $412 +7%
Bulova 96B322
Archive Oceanographer
$342 $313 - $401 -11.1%
Bulova 97C110
Archive Computron
$201 $188 - $222 -7.6%
Bulova 98A252
Archive Surfboard Chronograph
$346 $296 - $360 +11.9%
Bulova 96B320
Archive Oceanographer
$431 $415 - $447 -3.3%
Bulova 96C139
Archive Computron
$221 $209 - $266 -27.8%
Bulova 96B344
Archive Oceanographer
$522 $509 - $593 -0.1%
Bulova 96B343
Archive Oceanographer
$503 $385 - $506 +28.9%
Bulova 98C135
Archive Computron
$157 $154 - $175 -1.8%
Bulova 98A254
Archive Surfboard Chronograph
$304 $304 - $385 -28.9%
Bulova 98A186
Archive Lunar Pilot
$334 $294 - $336 +6.1%
Bulova 98C131
Archive Oceanographer
$984 $900 - $984 +10.1%
Bulova 96B321
Archive Oceanographer
$327 $325 - $351 -5.4%
Bulova 98A253
Archive Surfboard Chronograph
$300 $300 - $375 -17.2%
Bulova 96B350
Archive Oceanographer
$444 N/A N/A


Market Average refers to the current price on the secondary market at which this watch is typically traded. This value represents the price of the watch in pre-owned condition, with box and papers, being sold by a private party.

52-Week Range refers to the minimum and maximum values of the market average over the past year.

% CHG (percent change) refers to the difference between the initial market average price and ending market average price within the specified time range. It is computed as the difference between the ending and initial prices, divided by the initial price.

AAGR (average annual growth rate) refers to the average increase in value of the watch over the past year. While the % CHG is computed only using the initial and ending prices, the AAGR is computed by performing regression analysis on all the price points within the time series. The growth rate is then represented on an annualized basis.

The AAGR in the watches table is computed based on time series data for the past year. N/A is shown if there is insufficient data for this time range, which most likely indicates that this watch has been on the market for less than one year. Note that because the methods used in computing % CHG and AAGR are not directly related, the values may differ.

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