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u/R_Gh is a solid seller!

I purchased a watch from u/R_Gh and everything went easy-breezy. The watch arrived quickly and as described. Thanks, boss!

Posted 6 days ago from u/soycowboy to u/R_Gh

U/R_Gh is a great seller

Deal with confidence. Great guy!

Posted 1 week ago from u/lolo1972sg to u/R_Gh

u/R_Gh awesome seller

User shipped the next day and made sure to follow up with me👍

Posted 2 months ago from u/mtanmtan to u/R_Gh

So happy with my purchase from u/R_Gh

Great conversationalist and gave clear messages and answered all my questions. Don't know what else to say

Posted 2 months ago from u/nihal-jerry to u/R_Gh

U/R_Gh great experience

Bought an Alpinist from him. Fair price, prompt shipping, great communication and follow up. Upvote from me!!!

Posted 2 months ago from u/bogeyglfr1 to u/R_Gh

u/R_Gh is an amazing seller

I bought a watch from u/R_Gh. Prompt communication. Smooth transaction. Fast shipping. Great person overall. Highly recommend!

Posted 2 months ago from u/dec0c0 to u/R_Gh

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u/soycowboy is a great buyer

Everything went smoothly. I sent him the watch and he sent me the funds. u/soycowboy is trustworthy and honest. I will definitely do business with again in the future.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Posted 6 days ago from u/R_Gh to u/soycowboy

U/lolo1972sg is a great buyer

Transaction was really smooth. Great buyer with a beautiful collection. Awesome guy in general. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Posted 1 week ago from u/R_Gh to u/lolo1972sg

u/honkymf is a great buyer

u/honkymf was very understanding of my situation after PayPal limited my account. We agreed on refunding the PayPal payment and going with a check instead. 10/10

Posted 1 month ago from u/R_Gh to u/honkymf

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