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u/Roykesenci great buyer

u/Roykesenci was a pleasure dealing with. Great communication and no games. Would do business with again.

Posted 14 hours ago from u/liftback to u/Roykesenci

U/bridgeandcannon is a great buyer

Smooth and quick transaction

Posted 14 hours ago from u/smithster66 to u/bridgeandcannon

u/deecool1000 is a great buyer!

I had a smooth international sale to u/deecool1000. Great communication, thorough questions, no haggling, courteous follow-up. I recommend!

Posted 14 hours ago from u/vm080011 to u/deecool1000

U/SonicDethmonkey is a great guy

I sold my Air King to u/SonicDethmonkey, the transaction was really easy. He's also a great guy and I'm glad I sold him the watch. 🙌

Posted 14 hours ago from u/R_Gh to u/SonicDethmonkey

/u/Pandamoneum is a great buyer!

I had a smooth international sale of my Oris to /u/Pandamoneum. Quick payment, great communication, timely follow-up!

Posted 14 hours ago from u/vm080011 to u/Pandamoneum


I had a smooth sale to u/Pandamoneum. Quick payment, good communication, timely follow-up!

Posted 14 hours ago from u/vm080011 to u/Pandamoneum

U/zesty_calco was my first and best!

Seriously. Easy transaction, and the watch is damn near brand new, and packed perfectly. Great price too. Buy from him with confidence

Posted 16 hours ago from u/srf0313 to u/zesty_calco

/u/srf0313 is a great buyer!

Sold my Seiko Sea Urchin to Mr. srf0313. Great communication, instant payment and understanding about holiday USPS transit times. What more do you want? An absolute pleasure to do business with!

Posted 17 hours ago from u/zesty_calco to u/srf0313

u/dansnkrbana is an excellent buyer. Prompt payment and communication, very smooth. I'm spoiled by this customer for my first sale on r/watchexchange.

Absolutely smooth, no issues, prompt payment. Great user who is communicative and asks great questions. Looking forward to crossing paths again.

Posted 17 hours ago from u/withfries to u/dansnkrbana

u/kentx51 is a great seller

First time using the subreddit, he helped me out every step of the way. Watch was perfect, gave me tracking info and always responded right away. Perfect seller.

Posted 18 hours ago from u/Kingvaska to u/Kentx51

u/kritameth : Great selling experience to this buyer

I had a great selling experience to [u/kritameth]( We went back and forth a little and came to a price that worked for both. Very pleasant interaction. Prompt payment and acknowledgement of receipt of the watch. Thank you [u/kritameth](

Posted 19 hours ago from u/ColibriJack to u/kritameth

u/venomeddunghill is a great buyer

u/venomeddunghill \- good communication and immediate payment

Posted 20 hours ago from u/DNags to u/venomeddunghill

/u/MasterBigsby00 is a solid seller.

Quick information exchange, and good packaging. Watch in great condition.

Posted 21 hours ago from u/SLangR to u/MasterBigsby00

/u/Pyrtoo is what any buyer would only dream of

Seriously. I'm not sure how much gushing of every detail is recommended, and I'll err on the side of privacy, but if anybody ever has a question about him just DM me. I picked up a Grand Seiko (so you can imagine the value we are talking about) from him and the transaction was closed in a matter of minutes with confidence, and he worked way beyond what a reasonable seller should through the shipping issues that came up (cross-border stuff).

Posted 21 hours ago from u/NetCrashRD to u/Pyrtoo

u/Porencephaly is the ideal buyer

I recently sold my Pelagos to u/Porencephaly and I couldn't have asked for an easier transaction. VERY quick payment, good communication, and all around very pleasant interactions. Enjoy the watch my man!

Posted 21 hours ago from u/SonicDethmonkey to u/Porencephaly

u/dcxgod is a great buyer!

I worked closely with u/[dcxgod]( on a custom project ([]( He was very responsive, patient, and wonderful to work with! I highly recommend him as a buyer.

Posted 22 hours ago from u/AreWGadmin to u/dcxgod

Successful Purchase From u/not_an_m

Purchased a lower priced vintage watch. Good communication, shipped quickly, and the watch was exactly as advertised. I would not hesitate to buy from them again.

Posted 22 hours ago from u/SilentNitro103 to u/not_an_m

u/Luigin12 is an excellent buyer!

Smooth transaction, totally recommended!

Posted 22 hours ago from u/bruno_sfc to u/Luigin12

Great transaction with u/glassjawTX

I just completed a sale to [u/glassjawTX](, and it couldn't have gone smoother. He provided great communication, prompt payment, and was just all-around pleasant to work with. I'd definitely do business with him again, any time.

Posted 23 hours ago from u/AC_Rider to u/glassjawTX

u/Technocracy202 is highy recommended!

Just completed a watch purchase from Dugan and I would absolutely transact with him again in the future. He provided solid communication, lightning fast shipping (purchased on Sat morning and arrived Monday morning), and great product just as listed in his for sale ad. Buy with confidence!

Posted 1 day ago from u/phrankxero to u/Technocracy202

Smooth trade with u/illyshill

Made a trade with u/illyshill and it couldn't have been any easier. Quick and easy negotiation process and quick shipping. Wouldnt hesitate to do another transaction with u/illyshill

Posted 1 day ago from u/evilr2 to u/illyshill

Smooth transaction with /u/zainrizvi512

Its a late feedback for a transaction between u/zainrizvi512 and me. He was a true gentleman and fun to deal with. Would recommend 💯 PS. Sorry that you had to remind me about this sir.

Posted 1 day ago from u/your-watch-guy to u/zainrizvi512

DerpMcStuffins is a great seller

Wonderfully packaged and quickly shipped, was flexible on payment format and we went from txting to watch in hand in about 96 hours. Awesome fella u/DerpMcStuffins

Posted 1 day ago from u/SLBurrito to u/DerpMcStuffins