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Recently Left Feedback

/u/jotim2 is a solid seller.

They were responsive and shipped the package quickly.

Posted 1 week ago from u/Dior-Sauvage to u/jotim2

u/Watchbutdontlook is fantastic to deal with!

Just completed my first Reddit watch purchase and I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better experience. u/Watchbutdontlook accepted a fair price and shipped the watch lighting fast. The condition of the watch is even better than I had hoped it would be.

Posted 1 week ago from u/3dogsanight to u/Watchbutdontlook

/u/boilons is a fantastic seller

He was super responsive, very transparent, and extremely fast. Overall a pleasure to deal with, would do transactions with them again!

Posted 1 week ago from u/CanadianAl to u/boilons

/u/ajconly is a great buyer

Smooth transaction, paid quickly -- and was fun to message in the interim :)

Posted 1 week ago from u/offby1 to u/ajconly

/u/gingerbeard315 is a great buyer

Prompt payment, no issues, and wouldn’t hesitate to sell to this buyer again!

Posted 1 week ago from u/Telephone-line to u/gingerbeard315

u/offby1 is an excellent seller

Purchased a Grand Seiko SBGE201 u/offby1. He was communicative, willing to hold the watch for me for a couple of days, and shipped the same day as I made payment. 100% satisfied. Thank you!

Posted 1 week ago from u/ajconly to u/offby1

u/pherretblue is a great buyer

Great communication and paid quickly without wasting either of our times. Thank you!

Posted 1 week ago from u/forg0t to u/pherretblue

u/umop_3pisdn_ : great buyer

Smooth communication, prompt payment - would not hesitate to deal again! Thank you!

Posted 1 week ago from u/r3born to u/umop_3pisdn_

u/Dior-Sauvage is a great buyer.

Dior-Sauvage is a great buyer.bought a strap from me. smooth transaction

Posted 1 week ago from u/jotim2 to u/Dior-Sauvage

u/KE0BVT is a great buyer

Fast and efficient communication, fast payment, and overall super nice guy to deal with! u/KE0BVT is 👌

Posted 1 week ago from u/ranxoren to u/KE0BVT

/u/ranxoren was an absolutely superb seller!

This was my first really big watch purchase, and /u/ranxoren made everything go really smoothly. Great and fast communication, easy to deal with, VERY quick to ship, and the watch got here exactly when he said it would. Very much appreciated, I would highly recommend him to future buyers. Thank you again!

Posted 1 week ago from u/KE0BVT to u/ranxoren

/u/nickaplease03 is a wonderful buyer

Extremely prompt payment, quick communication, great buyer all around. Don’t hesitate to sell to this individual

Posted 1 week ago from u/Telephone-line to u/nickaplease03

Smooth trade with u/Yondu_the_Ravager

Did a trade with u/Yondu_the_Ravager and all went smooth. Great communication and easy to work with. I would not hesitate trade/buy/sell with him again.

Posted 1 week ago from u/fireeyes503 to u/Yondu_the_Ravager

u/MDEChad69 is a great buyer

Very smooth transaction, fast payment, easy to work with. Would happily do another transaction with him any time.

Posted 1 week ago from u/fireeyes503 to u/MDEChad69

Perfect trade with u/cincywatchsociety

I had a great trade experience with u/cincywatchsociety . He shipped first and the watch came exactly as described. Fair negotiation and great communication. His account may be newer but deal with confidence! Great dude.

Posted 1 week ago from u/Zfried20 to u/Cincywatchsociety

u/zfried20 was an awesome person to work with

Was my first experience trading on reddit and u/zfried20 was such a big help with the whole process. If I ever have something else I’m looking for or wanting to trade I would reach out to him for sure.

Posted 1 week ago from u/Cincywatchsociety to u/Zfried20

u/forg0t great seller

Good communication, fast shipping and product description ver accurate. No surprise. Thanks

Posted 1 week ago from u/pherretblue to u/forg0t

u/Boney3147 is a terrific buyer

Great communication, eminently reasonable, fast payment, and just a great guy. Deal with confidence!

Posted 1 week ago from u/Aunderscoreham to u/Boney3147

/u/VertexSoup sold me a great watch!

Recieved the watch earlier than expected, and it's in great condition. The seller was prompt and communicative, thank you /u/VertexSoup

Posted 1 week ago from u/Rolaex to u/VertexSoup

/u/-SneakyPanda- is a Great Seller

I bought my Hamilton Khaki from him before Christmas, Easy to communicate with and got my watch really fast. an awesome seller! Thanks so much!

Posted 1 week ago from u/hungrydrunk112 to u/-SneakyPanda-

Smooth sale to u/lingxiaoguo, great buyer!

Fair negotiations, prompt payment, even updated me upon receipt to confirm. Sell with confidence.

Posted 1 week ago from u/Mystery_Biscuits to u/lingxiaoguo

u/plang17 is a trustworthy seller!

Nothing but good things to say about u/plang17 as a seller on the ‘xchange. Timely communication + fast shipping + courtesy = a happy buyer. Thanks dude!

Posted 1 week ago from u/jaythebassist to u/plang17

/u/r3born is a fantastic vendor

Bought my first watch on r/watchexchange from him. The one I originally inquired about was sold but he specifically offered me a similar one he had. Price was good, delivery was speedy, and the overall experience was great. If you're gonna get a watch, get it from u/r3born

Posted 1 week ago from u/wolfguyyy to u/r3born

u/aunderscoreham is a wonderful seller

Had the pleasure of buying one of my grail watches from u/aunderscoreham . He is a wonderful seller, extremely responsive and made sure I was comfortable with the watch and the process before finalizing the deal. The watch came exactly as described with all the documentation promised. Deal with complete confidence and I look forward to working with him again.

Posted 1 week ago from u/Boney3147 to u/Aunderscoreham