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Up-to-date pricing for over 20,000 watches
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Track the performance of your watch portfolio
6 months of historical price data

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Instant alert delivery
Find deals on eBay using WatchSniper
1 year of historical price data
3 watch appraisals per month

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Access to top lists of investment-worthy watches
Advanced market analytics and visualizations
5 years of historical price data
25 watch appraisals per month

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Alerts per User 8 Unlimited Unlimited
Alert Delivery Delayed Instant Instant
Portfolios per User 2 5 Unlimited
Watches per Portfolio 5 10 Unlimited
Price History Past 6 months Past 1 year Past 5 years
Days on Market (DoM) History Past 5 years
Sales Volume History Past 5 years
Top Performers
Market Ratings
Instant Watch Appraisal Purchased separately 3 per month included 25 per month included
WatchSniper for eBay
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