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3hyphens--- 9 hours ago

u/CS_1994 is an amazing seller!

mxdla 9 hours ago

great trade experience with HughesAlex9010

MPREZYA 9 hours ago

Red Five is a fantastic seller and a pleasure to deal with...

sugeknight516 9 hours ago

U/Jaunt- Great Seller!

tonekinfarct 9 hours ago

/u/s0f1y is a great seller

twall3 10 hours ago

Cubex is a great buyer!

Cubex 10 hours ago

twall3 is an excellent seller

comstar 10 hours ago

PHStern is a much welcomed newer member here on WUS

88kelly 10 hours ago

Nice dealing with K42

pneuby 10 hours ago

'Nuther legit seller: Monon35

mjb01 10 hours ago

chad362wiley is a great Buyer

brianinCA 10 hours ago

Smooth transaction with Mumblypeg

scoopypoopydood 10 hours ago

u/fryingchicken is a great seller

litlmn 11 hours ago

Great Trade with PowerChucker

Doc_Seven 11 hours ago

Great transaction with U/I_Am_Mandark_Hahaha

fryingchicken 11 hours ago

/u/scoopypoopydood excellent buyer

Ggodhsup 11 hours ago

Beautiful watch from u/lilseikosshop

olen444 11 hours ago

u/krosenest is a great seller!

surrounded21 12 hours ago


frankizlle 12 hours ago

u/deano1168 is an excellent seller.

BobEvilLeoHero 12 hours ago

u/a_g_t ss a Legend as a seller

pengween2 12 hours ago

U/mbolster1611 is great buyer

Jezec 12 hours ago

Great experience with mattvalento

bruno_sfc 12 hours ago

u/LethalGuacomole is a trustworthy and polite user! Totally recommended!