Timestamp & Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/KoXiClY


Hi Watch Fam,

I am selling my Omega Speedmaster 145.0040 (dubbed the Teutonic from the German market it was sold in) in great pre-owned condition. This is part of my concerted effort to sell several watches in my collection that do not get enough wrist time and also to raise funds for some unexpected expenses that have come up. It comes with everything you see in the pictures – bracelet has 2 extra links and can accommodate a 7.25” wrist.

This is not your ordinary run of the mill Omega Speedmaster Teutonic. This was the very same Teutonic that was featured in this Worn and Wound article (https://wornandwound.com/omegas-black-sheep-a-look-at-the-speedmaster-teutonic/). When I saw the article, I was immediately struck by the uniqueness and the organic shape of the watch and was fortunate enough to pick it up from the author. Provenance of this Teutonic as far as I know was that it was picked up from Chronext.

Cosmetically, this Teutonic is in great vintage shape. It shows wear and wabi marks all over but still maintains its original curves and allows you to appreciate the shape of the case and the integrated bracelet. pictures do a very good job of describing the condition of the watch. Crown is appropriately signed and the bracelet is extremely comfortable.

Operationally, the famous 861 caliber keeps great time (a few seconds on the + side from what I could tell – hard to say because there are no hacking seconds) but YMMV. Winding of the watch is satisfying and the actuation of the pushers is crisp. Chrono hands reset where they should

All in all – a very good conditioned vintage watch that I am very reluctant to let go. I sold it once only to buy it back at a premium but I think I am finally ready to let it go somewhere that will get much more wrist time.

I have lots of positive feedback you can look up so deal in confidence. I ask that you have feedback as well.

Feel free to ask any questions or request more pictures/details! Thanks.

Asking: USD $2,600 $2,500 $2,450 plus PayPal fees if applicable. Shipping in the continental U.S. is on me.

I have ~ 10 transactions here on WatchExchange but have dozens of positive feedback on WatchUSeek under Willing86 so deal in confidence.