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Orient ChronoAce King diver

Ref: CB429-16240

This vintage Orient diver is depth gauge diver dated someware from 1967 until 1975. period of production for this model.

Introduced in 1969 and lasting only a few years, the Chrono Ace (or Chronoace… both options would show up in searches) was a fairly broad line of models, featuring various designs, ranging from fairly basic models all the way up to the King Diver.

For people that dont know, this vintage depth gauge works in way that glass have „tunnel“ and when you go down water pressure is pushing water inside glass…so you can „read“ how deep you are….never tryed it…hahaha

1. Case: SS case, size 42mm, lug to lug 47 and between them 21mm. Really king diver!. When I was making some research about this watch I have find out that there is big chance that this case is produced in swiss and same case was also shared between swiss brands. One model of meister anker have same case as this Orient. Also u can find new glass on ebay for Orient and MA, it fits them both. Also, because it was diver, they didnt solved quick set pusher on case and movement have that ability. to be honest, I am unsure about why will Orient purchase case from swiss...but ok:)

2. Movement: it is Orient 42950 with 23j. Movement is serviced someware in summer 2019 and works very nice (timegrapher is around 10sek/24h). as I have wrote in „case“ section, there isnt quick set on case ( and movement have that option) but there is semy quick for date (21h-03h) and for day u need to make full circle.

3. Condition: It is used watch, there are normal signs of use on it. Dial looks very nice, there is some patina on it but nothing big. Also colors are excellent!. Glass is changed someware in past but looks very nice, there is just some dust or something inside tunnel. Bracelet isnt genuine orient, but it is vintage model and I like how it fits it.

Also, I am unsure for water resistance and please dont try to dive before test itJ I am sure I would not

I have this watch for last 4-5 years and it is time that moves out my collection and make space for something else. I know prices over ebay are „high sky“ but still watch so rare and in good condition I am sure any diver collection with this vintage piece will be „Something“…



Price: 1250usd 1200$ paypal, shipment included worldwide (from EU with DHL express )

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