Unfortunately, I do not wear my watches as much anymore so I am looking to sell them

Shipping will be from Hawaii to the United States. Payment will be through Paypal.

USPS Priority Mail, w/ Signature Verification and insurance. Price can go down if you want no insurance/signature.

I am pretty sure have the boxes for each watch but I will have to dig for them. If you want the box/documentation it may take a bit longer to ship out but I will communicate with you until I find them

I do have a SARB033 somewhere too but I'll have to look for it.

I'll sell the entire collection for $2200. Also noting I am willing to negotiate to a point

Edit: sorry for late responses. Also changed the alpinest to SARB017

Edit #2: cant find the SARB033 will make another post when I do

WatchPriceNoteBuyerSARB017$600One of my favs, but It just doesn't match mepending replySRPB55$325Good watch, I just don't wear itSRP637$475I did not remove the blue sticker on the back... you may need to remove itOrient Sun and Moon v2$150Has some minor dings/scratches on the glass.Sold for asking price to u/DovhPastyGS hibeat ref 5645-7010$400It runs but the date will not change. I broke it when I was changing the time. Will need to be repairdSold for asking price to u/GenuousSARX033$500The Date Window fell off. Will need to be repairdSold to a family member