I am the lucky new owner of a MINT, One-Owner PAM188 Daylight. I have been wanting to add a Panerai to my collection for the past 10yrs, and have now finally added something that fits my collection well. Both the Black Rubber Strap and Brown Leather Strap have never been worn, just getting fitted for the photo before being shipped to me. 

I was searching for something in the Panerai collection that was a little different, hard to find, and something different from anything I had in my collection. The white dial was something that attracted me to the piece, as well as the history of the Daylight model. Now, I am just a new Paneristi so I won't pretend to know much about the brand just yet, BUT, I can feel I might be getting a little hooked already :)

Feel free to fill me in on some details of the PAM188 as well as any great Instagram pages I can follow.