USD 6,500 shipped


Kurono Grand Akane by Hajime Asoaka






Full Kit including box, an accompanying envelope which includes the warranty card, a gold tag and an accompanying cloth mat.


- Brand New in a Full Set


This is the Kurono Grand Akane by Hajime Asaoka. To understand the brand, one first has to understand the brains behind the timepieces, Hajime Asaoka. Hajime Asaoka is an independent watchmaker who takes on every part of the watchmaking process himself and is a member of the AHCI. Kurono is his foray into producing timepieces in larger quantities as prior to Kurono, he focused specifically on collaborations only. While it employs a mass-produced Miyota movement, the allure is in the minimalistic beauty of the design. The Grand Akane is the brand’s first artisan-level timepiece with a unique urushi lacqured dial.

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