Hi guys,

Sadly, I have decided to part with this Zenith Chronometre that I bought from our very own @Tony C.

As per Tony (who graciously allowed me to borrow his description and pictures when we were discussing the watch before):

It was produced in the late ‘60s, though I do not know what year. The rough time-frame is important because this model is one of the very last, high-quality chronometers that Zenith produced prior to the quartz crisis.

On a more subtle note, the connection between this watch and the iconic “Captain” line is interesting. Very much like what occurred with other brands and well-known model lines, there is essentially no difference between this watch and those of the same period in the same case marked “Captain”.

It’s also interesting to note that when these were originally sold, they retailed for the same price as a Zenith Diver that now commands a much higher price (because of fashion).

The (this) Zenith is a desirable watch. Chronometers are, ironically in my view, undervalued as a category.

More specific details:

All original Zenith Chronomtre with a 2452pc movement. Service history is unknown. But I have owned this since sept 2017 and it’s worked perfectly.

The sharp case size is 34 mm without the signed crown.

The highlight is the sunburst dial esp those shark teeth markers

I'm asking for USD 1,700 net of Paypal fees, inclusive of the strap that came with it when I purchased from Tony. I will ship via Fedex international priority at no cost to the buyer. Returns not accepted. References are available upon request

Here are pictures (the first from myself, the rest from Tony). Thanks OF!