I bought this movement a couple of years ago thinking I would collect the parts to eventually build my own watch. However, it's been one of those things where I would take a look at it occasionally, but no progress. I thought it would be best to give this one up for now.

I believe it is a Swiss ETA 6497. Please correct me if anyone more experienced finds I've mistaken it. I remeber there was also the 6498 I believe, but I don't remember what the difference was. This one also has a sort of uniformed hammered decorative finish as well. I still think this is the making of a potentially great watch, but I'm not getting it done.

Sorry if the pictures aren't the best. It's in the plastic case it came in, and has a couple of pieces of Scotch tape keeping the plastic covers from accidentally opening. I'm looking for $85.00? Shipped CONUS. I can do PP, but actually prefer an Amazon Gift card.