FSOT: Tudor Tiger - Prince - Chrono - Silver w. Black Subs - 79280 - Complete - MINT

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Model Information
Brand Tudor
Collection Prince
Model M79280
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Feedback 629 received (99% positive)
Location California, United States


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  • Feedback Received 629
  • Watches Listed 5936
  • Avg. Transaction ~$4,200
  • Active Since 6 years ago
  • Avg. Transaction ~$4,200
  • Active Since 6 years ago
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OCROLEXGUY aka Patrick good to go!
4 days ago
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Excellent transaction with OCROLEXGUY
1 week ago
From bbierman1982 to OCROLEXGUY on RolexForums

OCROLEXGUY -- Another excellent trade deal
2 weeks ago
From Bulldozer to OCROLEXGUY on RolexForums

Great transaction with OCROLEXGUY
3 weeks ago
From rtspence to OCROLEXGUY on RolexForums

Reference Check on user OCROLEXGUY
3 weeks ago
From Mo-UniqueMen to OCROLEXGUY on RolexForums
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This Listing: $3,595
Market Range: $3,130 to $4,567
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