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A Citizen for Every Budget
Posted by Jason Swire on November 25, 2020

When you think of Citizen watches, what likely comes to mind are inexpensive quartz watches of little interest to the serious collector. Even the brand name “Citizen” implies wristwatches for the masses, rather than anything exclusive or luxurious. And while Citizen do make a dizzying array of affordably priced watches, much like Seiko, they also […]

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Oris Big Crown Propilot Worldtimer Watch Review (01 690 7735 4063-07 1 22 72FC)
Posted by Nick L. on November 20, 2020

Because of my day job, I’m what many consider a frequent traveler. Thus I’ve spent the majority of my time in the watch collecting hobby searching for the perfect travel watch. On paper, the Oris Big Crown Propilot Worldtimer checked all of my boxes. Read the review to find out if it did in the metal!

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Three reasons why the Omega Aqua Terra is the perfect everyday sports watch
Posted by Charles Tian on November 18, 2020

To me, there are a few characteristics required of an everyday watch suitable for any occasion. In order of importance, they are: water resistance, stainless steel construction, a sapphire crystal, and strong lume. Such contenders include just about any stainless steel Rolex, a big reason why the brand has such large mainstream success. The Tudor […]

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