Casio Oceanus OCW-T200S-1AJF (JDM) Watch Review

Posted by Fullers1845 on June 26, 2020

“Set and forget.” “The only watch you’ll ever need.” “The gilt relief dial of silver and blue.” “Grab and go.” “The Grand Seiko of Casio.” All of these are true of the Casio Oceanus OCW-T200S-1AJF.

With finely crafted casework, superior timekeeping technology, and classic aesthetics with an edge, this Japan Domestic Market model from Casio’s top line of timepieces is a watch worth serious attention.

Whether you are a watch collector, an enthusiast always on the hunt for the next best watch, or someone simply looking for one watch that will look good in everything from jeans and a t-shirt to a suit, the T200 may be your One.


Had I read the dimensions before seeing this watch in person, I am confident I would not have given the T200 a second look. The case diameter is 41mm (bezel 40mm), the lug width is 20mm, and the lug to lug distance is 49mm. Reading that brings to mind the original slab-sided Tudor Black Bay or my old 42mm Debaufre Ocean One (Read: Re-branded Steinhart).

On my 6.5”- 6.75” (17cm) wrist, those watches look too big and feel too heavy. At a svelte 11mm thick, the T200 is an example of execution winning out over specs if there ever was one. While its predecessor, the OCW-S100 titanium, weighs in at a cool 84 grams, the stainless steel of the T200 is still only 130 grams. This watch is light and comfortable on the wrist. Its comfort is only exceeded by its aesthetic beauty and technological wizardry.

~6.75in (17cm) wrist

The design genius of the angular case and brushed stainless bezel continues into the oyster-style 3-link bracelet. With raised center links and a practical push-button deployant clasp, what the bracelet lacks in micro-adjustment it makes up for with two 2/3-links.

I was able to find a good fit for my wrist by removing three full links (leaving five full links on each side) and positioning the two reduced links on the 12 O’Clock side of the bracelet. I used the tightest of the two micro-adjust holes. That way I have one micro-adjust still available for a little more room during the thicker-wristed warmer months.

~6.75in (17cm) wrist

Beneath the sapphire crystal, the dial on this watch is a bottomless deep blue. Casio offers the T200 in 3 dial variants: Dark Blue, Light Blue, and Mid-Blue. The first two are both on stainless steel while the Mid-Blue comes on a navy blue leather strap. The hour and minute hands are silver blade style, while the blue of the seconds hand matches the Oceanus Manta-Ray logo.

The lume is a cool blue (think: BGW9) that lasts all through the night. And while not designed with watersports in mind, the T200 still boasts a respectable 100m water resistance. The rechargeable battery is solar powered. Casio thinks of everything.


Now a word on the amazing time keeping capabilities of this watch. When you first open the box of your new Oceanus T200, the three hands, all aligned at 12:00, begin moving when exposed to the light until the correct time and date are shown. On its own, the T200 (like many Casio watches) will receive an atomic time signal from one of the 6 atomic clocks around the world.

Paired with a smartphone using the Oceanus Connected app and Bluetooth technology, the T200 will also perform an automatic time adjustment 4 times per day. With a Casio quartz movement that already runs at +/- 15sec./mo., the T200–utilizing the automatic time adjustment features multiple times per day–achieves accuracy within 1 sec./24hrs. as a matter of daily course.

The T200 is also an ideal watch for traveling across time zones. When the plane lands, simply pull out the crown to the first position. With 12:00 as the UTC reference, the seconds hand will move to the position before or after 12:00 indicating your home time zone.

Simply rotate the crown a-click-at-a-time to advance to the destination time zone + or – UTC (12:00). As with many technologies, there is more than one way to do this. The other way is upon arrival at your destination, turn your phone off airplane mode, open the Oceanus Connected App, press the button on the T200, and voila! The time will be updated to the local destination time in sync with your phone.

In the end, this is a classically styled, imminently wearable three-hand watch with a mesmerizing blue dial spiced up with edgy design cues and some really functional and versatile timekeeping technology. Get one!

~6.75in (17cm) wrist

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