Instant Watch Appraisal

Get an instant and interactive appraisal backed by our analysis of over 1 million watch sales. Select a watch and see what it's worth.

A WatchCharts Watch Appraisal is the best way to understand the market for your watch.

Select a watch to see:

Estimated valuation derived using advanced statistical models and the most up-to-date sales data available. Other appraisal tools show you overgeneralized or unrealistic prices. We take into account nearly a dozen factors to determine your watch's true secondary market value.

Advanced breakdowns for a number of factors that affect the value of your watch: condition, delivery contents, and region. See the breakdown of your watch's estimated value to gain a deeper understanding of the market and identify potential opportunities.

Market availability on eBay and sales forums, as well as statistics on how frequently your watch comes up for sale. Get an idea of market liquidity and how easy your watch will be to sell.

Historical sales for your watch in the specified configuration. See how much other sellers have asked for the watch when it was sold.


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